Custom of the Week: Erie the Seapony

Happy Sunday, Aledan Merfolk! I’m recovering from the amazingness that was YAllFest yesterday, but I have a super extra special custom for you today. You might remember back when I featured the Wind Whistler Seapony in March and said I’d be commissioning an Erie version when I finished the first draft of Speak the Ocean. I finished the first draft a few weeks ago and commissioned my seapony and Tiella sent me photos of the finished project this week! In fact, I should be finished with my first read through and basic edits by the time Erie the seapony gets to my doorstep! (Which is why there was no update or science post this week – I’m scrambling to edit so I can send it to CPs)

Erie, by TiellaNichole
Erie, by Tiella/Soulcookies

*Squeals in excitement* Isn’t she stunning? I love the hair and eye color <3 And that she looks like she’s in a tiny fish tank. I’m going to have to replicate that.

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