Welcome to the new(ish) Mermaids and Margaritas!

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! At the end of last year I told you Mermaids and Margaritas was moving to a new site, and here we are (same address, but self-hosted). Everything looks pretty similar to what it used to be, and everything should be moved over, but you’ll notice the colors aren’t so glaring and there’s some beautiful Erie artwork by Diana Beebe in the sidebar now (you can see the whole picture on the Home page).

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Hubs and I had a very low-key but lots-of-food season. We played a lot of video games and watched a lot of movies and read a few books. Since THE HATE U GIVE (which you have to read), I’ve read THE PURLOINED POODLE (an IRON DRUID CHRONICLES short story, from the POV of Oberon the Irish Wolfhound), RED RISING by Pierce Brown, and it’s sequel GOLDEN SON (OMG THAT ENDING!), and a CP book that I loved but can’t tell you about yet. I dnf-ed WINTERSONG – I liked the first half okay, but the second half was too slow for me and I wasn’t that invested. I started TRUTHWITCH by Susan Dennard and THIS SAVAGE SONG by Victoria Schwab.

So, it’s 2017. Last year was both amazing (I signed with an agent!) and horrible (election and then Hubs lost his job for a month). I have to confess, I haven’t done a damn thing writing-wise since November. I did write a little Yule/Ocean fluff scene (I wrote it on Yule, set during Yule, because that’s how I roll), but I haven’t done any actual work. It’s time to hop back on that pony and take the reins, so I’m reading STORY FIX by Larry Brooks to make a plan to get Fie Eoin in shape.

Guess what else I’m getting in shape? ME. I know, everyone’s doing that in January, but it’s really really time to actually stick to it. So no drinking on weekdays, yoga at least twice a week, and I need to get to some cardio (now’s the time to do it – it’s cool enough to run outside right now. Come summer I’ll have to get a gym membership to run or do it at like 3am so I don’t die of heat stroke). Have I mentioned how much I hate running? But I have audiobooks now, so I’m hoping that’ll work better than music. They even make cleaning the bathroom not so bad.

And that’s the beginning to 2017. Newish website. Newish Me. But as always: working on Fie Eoin 😉 Have a wonderful beginning to your new year, Aledans, and I’ll see you back here on Sunday for a gorgeous custom pony!

A very happy Boudin. Just because.

A Partial Hiatus

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! You may have missed my announcement on Twitter and G+, but for the time being Science Tuesday is on hiatus (not because science isn’t happening, just because I’m too busy to gather all the links). Custom Pony of the Week may or may not be on hiatus as well (when I can find them, I’ll post them). These Thursday update posts may become a bit more sporadic, too, and I won’t be as accessible online for a while.

Which is probably good, because I still haven’t typed up The Fair Man, and I’ve fallen behind on transcribing (and drafting) Enfields. I did, however, finish a CP project yesterday, and I adored it! I can’t wait until it’s on shelves so I can bug you all to buy a million copies. It was funny and twisty and sweet and I know you’ll all love it as much as I do!

My next CP project is full of science, so I’m excited to get started on that. I’m also reading THE TRAITOR BARU CORMORANT, which is so good. The first page blew me away and I read it twice before I continued on.

Have a great weekend, Aledans, and I’ll talk to you when I can!

See ya later! (I love poofy chicken butts! So adorable)

A Month of CPing and Historical Fiction

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! I’m so tired today, both because of the time change and because I stayed up late CPing. I had planned to finish today (technically I did, since it was after midnight), but late last night I got to a plot twist that was so good I didn’t even see it coming until the MC spelled it out. It was THAT GOOD. Seriously – someday you’ll see this book on shelves and you’ll remember me typing in all caps telling you to buy it, because you need this book in your life.

Since I’ve been CPing for literally the past month straight I’m taking today off to work on StO. Then tomorrow I’m starting a new CP project that’s due in two weeks, which is perfect because I’ll be getting another CP project in two weeks! I think all my critique partners conspire to send their stuff to me at the same time. Or, you know, fate, since I’m still waiting on one person to send back the third draft of StO 🙂

HennaHouseI’m a busy little CP bee right now. But that’s ok, because I have three people tied up editing StO and Ocean (who needs an actual title), so it’s not like I’m the only one buzzing around someone else’s words. I’m also reading HENNA HOUSE by Nomi Eve and listening to the audiobook of THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI by Helene Wecker. My brain was casting around for a bit, not sure what it wanted to read, but it turns out it wanted early twentieth century characters from the Middle East. Who knew? Sorry SFF and YA, I’m back to my original love of Historical Fiction.

GolemJinniI’m going to be around sporadically for the rest of the month because of concerts and family visits, but I do have a Custom of the Week for you this Sunday. And Science Tuesday will continue posting every week, because two-week old science news is no fun. Have a wonderful weekend, Aledans, and I hope the weather where you live is just as spring-y as it has been here!