You Can Add SPEAK THE OCEAN to Goodreads!

Hello again, Aledan Merfolk! It’s a big week around here (if you missed yesterday’s post, StO is going to be PUBLISHED!), and shortly after the announcement yesterday, a Goodreads Librarian made a page for Speak the Ocean! Which means you can add it to your TBR and it’ll email you when it’s published!

Check it out here: SPEAK THE OCEAN

Speak the Ocean is going to be PUBLISHED!

Happy Wednesday, Aledan MERFOLK! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I haven’t updated because I haven’t been able to talk about the most exciting thing: SPEAK THE OCEAN is going to be published by Reuts!


Haven’t heard of SPEAK THE OCEAN yet? Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace announcement:

Mermaids and Margaritas for everyone!

I actually found out the day before we left for our NYC trip (I know I still haven’t posted pictures from the trip…I’ve been kind of overwhelmed). I finished my work a couple hours early, went to the bathroom, and BAM! A text from my agent asking me to call him. That’s right, friends, I found out I was going to be published in the bathroom (this is why I didn’t call you immediately, Eric) ^_^

The past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind, but I spoke with my editor and signed the contract on Monday!


Why yes, that is a MERPONY t-shirt that says “I couldn’t get anymore magical if I tried.”

I’ll have more details later, like publication dates and whatnot, so make sure you follow the blog, my Facebook Page, or Twitter to keep up to date!

Erie the Mermaid, Creepier than Ever!

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! I’ve been waking up an hour earlier all week for work, and instead of making me bright eyed and bushy tailed, it’s fried my brain. Thank gods for coffee!

With my crazy work schedule this week I didn’t get much done in the way of writing, but I did finish my read-through of StO and fix all the big issues. Next I’ll be making the sentences pretty, and then it’s heading off to the final critique round. I’m really curious to see what Diana thinks of the updated version – she read the first draft as I wrote it and will be the last person to read it before I query.

Speaking of Diana, she is so wonderfully amazing that she drew Erie for me!


Isn’t she creepy? I love her!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the second installment of The Winged Warrior (aka: Ocean’s story) for Fie Eoin Friday, and I should have a custom up this weekend too. I just have to finalize things with the customizer. Have a great weekend, Aledans!

Holiday Hiatus

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Aledan Merfolk! This is just a quick post to let you know I’ll be on a blogging hiatus for the rest of the year. I always forget how busy November and December are at work (who knew nuclear chemistry and retail had the same busy season?), so I need to focus all my energy on the dayjob and the next draft of StO. Three of my CPs sent their critiques back (within 24 hours of each other!) and they all said basically the same thing: StO’s narrative arc is solid, but I have a lot of characterization to work on. I already have a plan to re-write the first chapter, and plenty of changes to make in the middle, and I think this draft is going to be really solid.

I’ll see you next year, Aledan Merfolk, and I’ll have a new blog theme based on Erie! Have a safe and happy holiday season 🙂

Erie is even more beautiful in person!
Erie is even more beautiful in person!

Custom of the Week: Erie the Seapony

Happy Sunday, Aledan Merfolk! I’m recovering from the amazingness that was YAllFest yesterday, but I have a super extra special custom for you today. You might remember back when I featured the Wind Whistler Seapony in March and said I’d be commissioning an Erie version when I finished the first draft of Speak the Ocean. I finished the first draft a few weeks ago and commissioned my seapony and Tiella sent me photos of the finished project this week! In fact, I should be finished with my first read through and basic edits by the time Erie the seapony gets to my doorstep! (Which is why there was no update or science post this week – I’m scrambling to edit so I can send it to CPs)

Erie, by TiellaNichole
Erie, by Tiella/Soulcookies

*Squeals in excitement* Isn’t she stunning? I love the hair and eye color <3 And that she looks like she’s in a tiny fish tank. I’m going to have to replicate that.

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me:

Speak the Ocean is DONE! (Well, the first draft is…)

Happy Friday night/nearly Saturday morning, Aledan MERFOLK! I’m happy to announce I just wrote the final scene in the first draft of SPEAK THE OCEAN! It took far longer than I ever expected to write this draft, but I’m hoping it’s stronger than most of my first drafts. I can see plenty of weak places already, and I’ve already been told I need to re-write Chapters 3 and 4, but if I don’t have to completely scrap it and re-write the whole thing four times like I did with NAMELESS I’ll call it a win 🙂

So have a song that always makes me think of my mermaid, Erie, to celebrate: