Custom of the Week: Ocean Light

Happy Monday, Aledan Merfolk! And Happy New Year! I’m officially back from the great family Christmas tour and things are getting back to normal, which means it’s time for the blog to get back to normal too. Custom of the Week is back for the year, as well as Science Tuesday tomorrow! And to start the year off right, I have a beautiful custom for you :)

Ocean Light, by Soulren

Isn’t she pretty? And she glows in the dark!

If you have a pony that you would like featured as a Custom of the Week, please email me:

Happy Holidays! I’m Taking a Hiatus :)

Happy Wednesday, Aledan Merfolk! I’ve obviously already started my blogging hiatus for the holidays, seeing as how this is the first (and only) post in December, but I did have a couple of awesome things to update you on.

First: my dad moves home from the hospital today! He’s been living on the other side of the state since September for a bone marrow transplant, and he was declared cancer-free last week and cleared to move back home on Monday when they took his catheter out. Tomorrow I’m heading to Michigan for basically the rest of the year to see him and celebrate Christmas at home :)

Second: I’ve been doing Nephele Tempest’s December Writing Challenge and I’m happy to say I’ve finished the first part of The Fair Man (previously called The Good Man). I’ve written every day in December, even if most of what I’ve written so far is dialogue. I seriously have pages and pages of dialogue with barely any tags. But that’s ok, because this is a first draft, and first drafts can be disembodied heads floating in ether talking circles around each other. Second drafts are for things like adding bodies and setting and action. Right now I’m enjoying the banter :)

I hope you’re enjoying your December, Aledans. Stay warm and enjoy the season however you do *coughsStarWarscoughs*

Hops and Bou are so excited for the holidays!

#NaNoWriMo Day 30: Oops

Happy Monday, Aledan Merfolk! Today’s the final day of NaNoWriMo 2015, and I have not only failed to reach my own personal goal of 30k for the month, I quit writing Enfields altogether. Not forever (I hope), but I definitely need to do a bit more world-building before I can continue.  Instead I started working on this:


So yeah, I’m rewriting a very old story as a SciFi! I love these characters, and I’ve really missed working with them. And the MC is an anti-heroine, which is SO MUCH FUN to write. I loved writing Finn in StO because I got to take off all my filters and say whatever I wanted, and now I get to do that PLUS be violent! It’s a nice stress reliever :)

This may have all been brought about by the Star Wars re-watch Hubs and I just completed. But I’ve been on a Sci-Fi kick all year, ever since I read THE MARTIAN in January. So it can’t all be blamed by Star Wars (but OMG I’m so geeked for the new Star Wars!).

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, Aledans. I plan to have a links-only Science Tuesday tomorrow for all the science news I missed in November.


#NaNoWriMo Day 19: Burn It All

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! As you can see from the title of the post, NaNo’s going about as well as expected for week three. I have about 12k words, which for me is 7k behind (I’m so far behind on actual NaNo wordcount I haven’t even bothered to keep track), but I did make it to the first plot point, and once that scene is thrown out and re-written it’ll be really good.

In fact, I’m throwing out every single thing I’ve written so far except for this sticky:


Which is kind of funny, because I haven’t even reached that scene yet.

I’ve been stuck for a couple days on what happens after my first plot point, so I’m going back to that scene and taking it in a different direction to see if doing something completely different will work.

I still have no idea what will happen on the way to the midpoint, except for that sticky.

Other than NaNo, YAllFest was a blast. It was so big this year that it took me an hour to find anyone I knew, but once I did we had a great time going to panels and eating (and eating, and drinking, and eating some more). I didn’t see everyone I had hoped to, but like I said: there were thousands of people there this year (I’ve heard the unofficial number was 12 thousand). It was nearly impossible to find anyone.

This week the dayjob is busy gearing up for Thanksgiving. It’s really strange that our busy season coincides with retail’s busy season, but perhaps that’s why the lab is *right* next to the mall? At least we’re close enough that I can walk to Target if I need to :)

Speaking of busy, I haven’t transcribed anything I’ve written since last Tuesday, so it’s time to get on that. Have a wonderful weekend, Aledans!


#NaNoWriMo Day 13: Real Life Gets in the Way

I painted Erie! It looks nothing like her :P
I painted Erie! It looks nothing like her :P

Happy Friday the 13th, Aledan Merfolk! I’ve had an exciting, busy week, and it’s about to get even more exciting and busy, because YAllFest starts today! I plan to spend the weekend in downtown Charleston, hanging out with author friends and hopefully running into even more author friends! And eating, of course, because you don’t spend a weekend in downtown Charleston without eating at a bunch of amazing restaurants. Rue de John, Closed for Business, Basil, Prohibition…I could go on and on. If you’re going to be in town let me know and we’ll get together for a drink!

NaNo was a bit side-tracked this week. I’ve been writing every day, but it’s been closer to 500 words instead of 1000 (I’m not even trying for 1667 this year – there’s no way it’ll happen). We spent last weekend making all our reservations for our Christmas trip home to see family, then went to a concert on Monday, then bought a car yesterday! Which means all our trip plans have changed because we weren’t expecting to have the car until January :P So now we’re trying to rearrange our plans, and it’s making my head spin. I probably won’t get any writing done tomorrow, so here’s hoping I won’t be too YAllFest hungover on Sunday to write.

Maybe next week will be a bit calmer. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

I did have a little revelation about one of the MCs in Enfields last night, so I’m thinking she should be easier to write now. And I’m almost to the really exciting first plot point, where everything suddenly changes for everyone involved. And then…I have no idea what happens until the midpoint. Probably a sex scene. Ok, most definitely a sex scene. And I need to kill an enfield, but not during the sex scene. That would be weird and creepy.

Still can’t wait to edit this giant pile of steaming shit, but I have to have a rough draft to edit first ;)

Have an awesome weekend, Aledans! And I’ll see you at YAllFest!

#NaNoWriMo Day 5: Pulling Teeth

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! We’re on Day 5 of NaNo, and so far writing Enfields has been like pulling teeth. As I’ve mentioned before, the worldbuilding is a hot mess, the beat sheet says helpful things like “something bad happens here”, and most of the cast has no name yet. And I rather suck at describing *anything* in my first drafts. Basically: I can’t wait to edit this steaming pile of shit.

descriptionYep. Usually my first drafts are all floating heads in the void, with pages and pages of dialogue. I rely way too heavily on dialogue, which is why I decided the main character in Enfields is mute. I need to get better at body language and props, and I figured this would be a good way to do it, but holy freaking fox kits is it difficult for me to write a first draft with little to no dialogue (or at least all one-sided dialogue).

I did make it to a really great scene that introduces the bad guy, though, and that was a breeze to write, even with one-sided dialogue. I love me some bad guys. Hopefully now that I’ve hit a part of the book that I know, it won’t be so much like pulling teeth anymore. Despite the difficulty with this first draft, I’ve been getting about 1k/day, which isn’t bad. It’s not NaNo-fast, but I’ve won NaNo plenty of times in the past and no longer feel the need to prove I can do it. If I can pull out all of Enfield’s teeth in four months, I’ll be happy.

And then I get to edit :)

In non-NaNo news, a bit of sadness: PonyFest15 is cancelled, because I only received two entries :( I’ve been too busy to promote it properly, and everyone else has been too busy doing NaNo to enter, I guess. We’ll try again next year at the normal time (Sept/Oct).

I’ll still have a custom pony for you this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend full of words, Aledans!

A Very Short Update

Happy Thursday, Aledan Merfolk! After four days of posts this week I bet you’re kind of sick of me, huh? That’s ok, today’s going to be a quick update, I promise.

Enfield’s plot is starting to come along. Usually I storyline straight through a book and plot out the big moments before I start writing it, but Enfield’s has been unexpectedly stubborn. I’m starting to get a feel for what happens, especially the big moments, so hopefully NaNo won’t be a giant crash-and-burn this year. But hey, if it is, at least I crash-and-burn with tons of other people ;)

I finished SHARPE’S TIGER and HALF A KING and started reading DANGEROUS WOMEN and listening to HALF THE WORLD (even though I’m not a big fan of Yarvi – I wish Sumael would come back!). I’m also working on the CP project from last week, so I’m keeping plenty busy even though I’m not actively writing at the moment.

And last but not least: PonyFest15 has started if you missed the announcement! If you’ve written a book (original only, no fanfic) and want a chance to win a custom pony and lots of books, check out the PonyFest15 Announcement. It’s a ton of fun!

Have an excellent Halloween/Samhain, Aledans! I hope to see your PonyFest designs soon!

The ladies have started sleeping on top of the coop lately. And letting us pet them! I had no idea chickens were so soft.
The ladies have started sleeping on top of the coop lately. And letting us pet them! I had no idea chickens were so soft.