Back from Hiatus!

Happy Thursday, Aledans! Two weeks ago I snuck out of the blogosphere for a while, but I’m back now. Things aren’t so crazy hectic around here, and I’m back to working on StO. Speaking of StO, I sent the first (edited) half of it to my CPs yesterday, and already received gold stars from two of them! In fact, they kind of forgot to actually critique it because they were so sucked into the story. And one of them already figured out a twisty bit, so yay for the clues working!


April 15th was National Dolphin Day!

I signed up for #WriteMotivation this month, but since the first half of the month was such a shit-meet-fan fest, I haven’t kept up with any of it, so I won’t even bother with my goals. Just know that I’m back, I’m starting to work on those goals again, and Custom of the Week will be going up like normal (and hopefully I’ll get back on track with Science Tuesday soon too, I have a couple months worth of science news to post!).

Custom of the Week: Comet

Happy Monday, Aledans! I know we *just* saw a transparent made-from-scratch seapony last week, but the customizer posted photos of another beauty, and I couldn’t resist showing her off! She has another one with a sitting pose, too, so click on the photo to be taken to her FB page where she posts all her gorgeous customs.

Comet, by TiellaNicole

Comet, by TiellaNicole

Well, now you definitely need to click through the photo, because WordPress is being a jerk and not letting me re-size it. Plus, you have to see all the other photos of this beauty!

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Custom of the Week: Wind Whistler SeaPony!

Last week we learned the difference between seaponies and merponies (although I was wrong, Hasbro did make three merponies), with some beautiful examples of the latter. Today I have a special treat, because I have a seapony custom that looks like my favorite childhood pony, Wind Whistler! This custom is extra awesome, because the customizer didn’t just take an existing sea pony and re-hair it, she made a mold herself and used a resin to make the pony both translucent, and glow in the dark! That is some awesome badassery right there. I’ll be commissioning an Erie version when I finish StO :)

Wind Whistler Seapony, by TiellaNicole

Wind Whistler Seapony, by TiellaNicole

Look at the adorable tiny fins! I love her so much.

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Dear Adam, You Can Have Your Rib Back (and a #WriteMotivation Update)

Happy Friday, Aledan Merfolk! My week started with my neck going out, and now I can’t keep my ribs in place to save my life, so it’s going to be a short update today because I haven’t done much this week except go to the chiropractor and lay on the couch.

I have been writing, though. I’m *this close* to the halfway mark, and finally out of that muddy middle I was talking about last week. Technically, yes, the halfway mark is in the middle, but I know what needs to happen right now :) I only have one more scene to write before that middle scene!

I also went to my one year heart check-up yesterday and got an A+ as far as my EKG goes. For those of you who were here during my crazy heart episode of 2012, you’ll know how happy this makes me :)

#WriteMotivation goals:

1. Continue writing Speak the Ocean. Still writing daily and about to hit the midpoint!

2. Start writing the query for StO. I still need to work on the middle and end.

3. Do better with visiting the other blogs. I did a little better than last week, but I have to work on this.

4. Run 2x per week. Yoga once per week. If my ribs would stay in place I’d get some traction on this one.

Have a wonderful weekend, Aledans, and come back on Sunday for a seapony custom! I’m going to go ice my ribs.

Custom of the Week: Tiny Merponies!

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m a bit obsessed with all things fish related, so merponies are one of my favorite things in the world. Merponies are the mermaid version of ponies -  pony tops, fish bottoms. There are no official merponies made by Hasbro (although I think there should be), but there are official seaponies (complete with an annoying song!). Instead of having pony tops and fish bottoms, they’re all fish except for their head. And now you know the difference between merponies and seaponies :) So bring on the merponies!

G4 Filly Merponies, by Hannaliten.

G4 Filly Merponies, by Hannaliten.

I don’t know which one’s my favorite, but I’m very partial to that all-green one in the middle.

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The Muddy Middle (and a #WriteMotivation Update)

I couldn't find an ocean-themed notebook, so I went for the spring theme.

I couldn’t find an ocean-themed notebook, so I went for the spring theme.

Happy Friday, Aledan Merfolk! This week the slow season at work officially ended, abruptly, and I’ve been insanely busy. Which is why this update is going up rather late, and Science Tuesday never happened. It’s also why I haven’t sent my critters new StO chapters all week long. Not that I haven’t been writing – in fact, I bought a new writing notebook at lunch :D Is there anything better than finishing a writing notebook? Other than ponies and wine, of course?

Speaking of ponies, I have merponies coming to the blog for Custom of the Week! Hopefully lots and lots of merponies, and maybe even a sea pony! Why yes, there is a difference, which I’ll explain if I’m allowed to feature the sea pony :)

As far as chugging along on StO goes, I’ve reached the muddy middle, where I’m not sure if what I’m writing is working, or if I’m going to have to scrap it and re-write. There doesn’t seem to be enough driving force in this section. I’m also not quite sure how to get to the midpoint. I know what happens at the midpoint (you’re going to love it), but I don’t quite know how to get to it without rushing everything. Once I get to the second “pinch point” as Story Engineering calls it, I have everything set and ready to go. But yeah, still climbing that hill to the midpoint.

Speaking of climbing hills, let’s check out those #WriteMotivation goals:

1. Continue writing Speak the Ocean. I’ve hit the muddy middle section, but I’m still writing daily.

2. Start writing the query for StO. I still need to work on the middle and end.

3. Do better with visiting the other blogs. Um, oops.

4. Run 2x per week. Yoga once per week. I haven’t run for my second time yet this week, but maybe tonight, since it’s so nice out.

Not bad, except for the other blogs part.

Have a good weekend, Aledan Merfolk. I’ll see you back here on Sunday for a merpony custom!