Custom of the Week: Star Light Wishes

Happy Monday, Aledan Merfolk! I don’t know if it’s been super cold where you are lately, but I spent all weekend keeping the fire going in the fireplace and stabbing the chicken water with a knife because it kept freezing over (we have backyard chickens). So I’m bringing you this bright, summery pony today to help warm up!

Star Light Wishes, by Fire Helix

Isn’t she stunning? I love the colors and all that curly hair <3

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3 thoughts on “Custom of the Week: Star Light Wishes”

  1. Love the swirls! We had a huge storm here in California, so I spent the weekend inside and dry. And watching our street flood, haha. Thankfully the city must have come out to drain it some time in the night because it was all gone by the time I had to go to work this morning. Anyway, so I appreciate the ray of sunshine too!

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